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Diagnostic support program CVD Monitoring

Diagnostic support program CVD Monitoring

For effective supervision of animals, a veterinarian needs necessary knowledge about spreading of pathogens of various diseases in the farm, the intensity of metabolic processes, the quality of feed, the effectiveness of disinfection and vaccination. Without this information, it is impossible to implement an effective management, and most importantly to prevent problems in the farm before they occur!

The CVD Monitoring program is diagnostics ahead of the problems!

Using the latest methods and years of experience, we will answer the questions:

  1. What pathogens of infectious diseases circulate in the farm?

  2. Is vaccination effective and whether the herd is improving?

  3. What is the quality and safety of feeds?

  4. What is the status of metabolic processes in animals and whether is a risk of non-communicable diseases?

  5. What pathogens lead to pathologies in animals during disease outbreaks?

The diagnostic support program is developed individually for each farm:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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