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European quality in ukraine

+38 (044) 303 93 21
Quality guaranteed by international standards (ISO)
Conmplex diagnosis approach
Accuracy, reliability and confidentiality
Consulting support
Qualified interpretation of research results
A team of highly qualified specialists

Center of Veterinary Diagnostics provides a wide range of services for diagnostics of animal and poultry diseases, as well as for the analysis of feed and water quality.

Certificate for quality management system ISO/IEC 17025.

For over 16 years, the Center for Veterinary Diagnostics carries out a full range of diagnostic tests and studies required for successful operation of veterinarian.

In 2017 CVD have done more than 100 000 tests, increasing this number annually since then.

“Since 2005 Centre of Veterinary Diagnostics Ltd, CVD (Ukraine, Kyiv) have participated in 24 International ring trials organised by GD. It’s very important for our serology and PCR labs to take the professional “exams” like that. For us it’s one of the ways to check the trueness of our results and to compare them to the results of other laboratories and to determine reliability of our diagnostic tool. Good results and Certificate of participation in PTS organised by GD Animal Health is a great evidence of our competence for ourselves, for accreditation bodies and for our customers.

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